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Book Reviews By Title


These are reviews of books from all over the world that can be obtained from New Zealand outlets.

The opinions expressed in these reviews are the opinions of the individual reviewers
and they do not represent the opinions of SFFANZ as an organisation.

If you wish to quote from the reviews for the purposes of publicity etc.
we would appreciate it if you would acknowledge the reviewer by name.

2312 Robinson, Kim Stanley
A Crown Imperilled Feist, Raymond E.
A Crown For Cold Silver Marshall, Alex
A Dance With Dragons Martin, George R. R.
A Festival Of Skeletons Astruc, RJ
A Kingdom Beseiged Feist, Raymond E.
A Legacy Of Honour Moon, Elizabeth
A Madness Of Angels Griffin, Kate
A Necklace Of Souls Stedman, R. L.
A Rough Ride to the Future Lovelock, James
A Slip Of The Keyboard Pratchett, Terry
A Storm Of Swords Martin, George R. R.
Absorption Meaney, John
Alliance Frost, Mark
Ambassadors Mission Canavan, Trudi
An Appetite for Wonder Dawkins, Richard
Ancestral Machines Cobley, Michael
Angel's Flight Singh, Nalini
Aralorn Briggs, Patricia
Archangel's Shadows Singh, Nalini
Archangel's Storm Singh, Nalini
Arise Hudson, Tara
Arrows Of Time Falconer, Kim
Artemis Awakening Lindskold, Jane
Ascendant's Rite Hair, David
Astropolis 1: Saturn Returns Williams, Sean
Astropolis 2: Earth Ascendant Williams, Sean
Astropolis 3: The Grand Conjunction Williams, Sean
At The Gates Of Darkness Feist, Raymond E.
Avenger's Angel Killough-Walden, Heather
Awakened Cast, P. C. and Kristen
B Is For Beer Robbins, Tom
Baby Teeth Rabarts, Dan and Murray, Lee
Bad Blood Painter, Kristen
Bad Moon Rising Kenyon, Sherilyn
Battle Mage Aryan, Stephen
Battlecry Buch, CVhris and Cole, Allan
Being Of The Field Harding, Traci
Benchmarks Budrys, Algis
Best Served Cold Abercrombie, Joe
Beyond The Wall Of Time Kirkpatrick, Russell
Bird Box Malerman, Josh
Bite Me Moore, Christopher
Bitten Armstrong, Kelley
Bitter Seeds Tregillis, Ian
Black And White Kittredge, Jackie and Kessler, Caitlin
Black Moon Calhoun, Kenneth
Black Ships Graham, Jo
Blameless Carriger, Gail
Blonde Bombshell Holt, Tom
Blood Line Billingham, Mark
Blood of Dragons Hobb, Robin
Blood Rights Painter, Kristen
Blood Song Ryan, Anthony
Bloodsucking Fiends Moore, Christopher
Blood Ties Freeman, Pamela
Blood Trinity Kenyon, Sherrilyn and Love, Dianna
Bloodrose Cremer, Andrea
Blue Wehinger, Brandy
Blue Blood De La Cruz, Melissa
Blue Remembered Earth Reynolds, Alistair
Book Of Secrets Roberson, Chris
Born Of Ice Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Born Of Shadows Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Born Of Silence Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Bound To Shadows Arthur, Keri
Breathers: A Zombie's Lament Browne, Scott G.
Brewed Van Cruysen, Jules
Bronze Summer Baxter, Stephen
Burned Cast, P. C. and Kristen
Burnt Ice Wheeler, Steve
Calamity Brandon Sanderson
Captains Fury Butcher, Jim
Cattra's Legacy MacKenzie, Anna
Changeless Carriger, Gail
Changels: Genesis King, Peter
Changes Butcher, Jim
Circle Of Death Arthur, Keri
Circle Of Fire Arthur, Keri
City Of Dreams Whates, Ian
City Of Dragons Hobb, Robin
Clandragon Davies, M. Ross
Cold Magic Elliott, Kate
Conan The Destroyer Howard, Robert E.
Covet Ward, J. R.
Coyote Blue Moore, Christopher
Crimes By Moonlight Harris, Charlaine (Editor)
Cryoburn Bujold, Lois McMaster
Crystal Venom Wheeler, Steve
Curse Of The Werewolf Girl Millar, Martin
Cursors Fury Butcher, Jim
Cyberabad Days Macdonald, Ian
Dandelion Wine Bradbury, Ray
Dangerous Women Martin, George R. R. and Dozois, Gardner R.
Dante Valentine: The Complete Series Saintcrow, Lilith
Dark Griffin Taylor, K. J.
Dark Heavens Chan, Kylie
Dark Peril Feehan, Christine
Dark Predator Feehan, Christine
Dark Prince Feehan, Christine
Dark Serpent Chan, Kylie
Dark Side Of The Moon Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Dark Slayer Feehan, Christine
Daughter of Blood Lowe, Helen
Darkness Unbound Arthur, Keri
Days Of Blood And Starlight Taylor, Laini
Dead Ever After Harris, Charlaine
Dead Mens Boots Carey, Mike
Dead Until Dark Harris, Charlaine
Deadline Grant, Mira
Death Most Definite Jamieson, Trent
Debateable Space Palmer, Philip
Deep State Williams, Walter Jon
Degrees Of Freedom Morden, Simon
Destiny Kills Arthur, Keri
Destinys Rift Bowring, Sam
Devices And Desires Parker, K. J.
Devil May Cry Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Die For Me Plum, Amy
Divine Misfortune Martinez, A. Lee
Donnel's Promise Mackenzie, Anna
Don't Look Back Frost, Scott
Don't Look Behind Duncan, Lois
Downmind Blum, V. O.
Dracula The Undead Stoker, Daker and Holt, Ian
Dragon Haven Hobb, Robin
Dragon Keeper Hobb, Robin
Dragons Away Berry, K. D.
Dragon's Oath Cast, P. C. & Kristen
Dream Hunter Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Dreams Made Flesh Bishop, Anne
Druid's Bane Henderson, Phillip
Dust Howey, Hugh
Dwarves Heitz, Markus
Earth Strike Douglas, Ian
Earthbound Pike, Aprilynne
Echo City Lebbon, Tim
Echoes Of Betrayal Moon, Elizabeth
Elantris Sanderson, Brandon
Elves: Rise Of The TaiGethen Barclay, James
Envy Ward, J. R.
Emperor Of Thorns Lawrence, Mark
Empire Of The Saviours Dalton, A. J.
Empty Space Harrison, M. John
Engines of Empathy Mannering, Paul
Equations Of Life Morden, Simon
Eternal Rider Ione, Larissa
Etiquette & Espionage Carriger, Gail
Evil For Evil Parker, K. J.
Fair Game Briggs, Patricia
Fantasy Lover Kenyon, Sherilyn
Fated Jacka, Benedict
Feed Grant, Mira
Felix And The Red Rats Norcliffe, James
Fevre Dream Martin, George R. R.
Finches of Mars Aldiss, Brian W.
Finders Keepers Colchamiro, Russ
Fiefight Sanderon, Brandon
First Grave On The Right Jones, Darynda
First Lords Fury Butcher, Jim
Flesh And Blood Painter, Kristen
Fool's Assassin Hobb, Robin
For The Win Doctorow, Cory
Fountain of Forever Berry, K. D.
From Black Rooms Woorworth, Stephen
From Earth's End: The Best of New Zealand Comics Kinnaird, Adrian
Frostbitten Armstrong, Kelley
Full Blooded Carlson, Amanda
Full Circle Freeman, Pamela
Full Dark No Stars King, Stephen
Full Moon Rising Arthur, Keri
Galilieo's Dream Robinson, Kim Stanley
Game Of Thrones Martin, George R. R.
Gears Of War: Aspho Fields Traviss, Karen
Gears Of War: Anvil Gate Traviss, Karen
Gears Of War: Jacintos Remnant Traviss, Karen
Generation 18 Arthur, Keri
George and the Unbreakable Code Hawking, Lucy and Stephen
Ghost Hand Patton, Ripley
Ghost Hold Patton, Ripley
Ghost Story Butcher, Jim
Ghosts Of Parihaka Hair, David
Gladiatrix Roberts, Rhonda
Goddess Of Legend Cast, P. C.
Goddess Of Light Cast, P. C.
Goddess Of Love Cast, P. C.
Goddess Of The Rose Cast, P. C.
Goddess Of The Sea Cast, P. C
Goddess Of The Spring Cast, P. C.
Goddess Of Troy Cast, P. C.
Goodhouse Marshall, Peyton
Green Eyed Demon Welles, Jaye
Growing Disenchantments Berry, K. D.
Guardian Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Guardian of Night Daniel, Tony
Guardian Of The Gate Zink, Michelle
Half a King Abercrombie, Joe
Halting State Stross, Charles
Harmonica & Gig Astruc RJ
Haven: A Trial Of Blood And Steel Book IV Shepherd, Joel
Hand Of Isis Graham, Jo
Healer's Touch Howell, Deb E.
Heart of Obsidian Singh, Nalini
Heartless Carriger, Gail
Heaven's Spite Saintcrow, Lilith
Heir Of Novron Sullivan, Michael J.
Hell's Belles Kessler, Jackie
Hidden Cast, P. C. and Kristen
How To Sell Toothpaste Thorpe, Leonie
How To Steal A Dragon's Sword Cowell, Cresida
I, Robot: To Obey Reichert, Mickey Zucker
I, Robot: To Protect Reichert, Mickey Zucker
In Ashes Lie Brennan, Marie
In Golden Blood Woodworth, Stephen
In Other Worlds Atwood, Margaret
In Too Deep Krentz, Jayne Ann
Inferno Brown, Dan
Infinity Kenyon, Sherilyn
Infinity Gate Douglass, Sara
Innocence Koontz, Dean
Inspector Singh Investigates:
A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder
Flint, Shamini
Iron Winter Baxter, Stephen
Invincible Kenyon, Sherrilyn
J Jacobsen, Howard
Jordan Kearney, Susan
Jump Gate Twist Van Name, Mark L.
Keys To The Repository De La Cruz, Melissa
Kings Of The North Moon, Elizabeth
Kiss The Dead Hamilton, Laurell K.
Knife Of Dreams Jordan, Robert
Lair of the Leopard Grylls, Bear
Land Of Hope And Glory Wilson, Geoffrey
Lavinia Le Guin, Ursula K.
Legion and The Emperor's Soul Sanderson, Bradley
Letters From Father Christmas Tolkien, J. R. R.
Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Sausages Holt, Tom
Lightborn Sullivan, Tricia
Living With The Dead Armstrong, Kelley
Lobster Bennett, Joe
Lonely Werewolf Girl Millar, Martin
Love Minus Eighty McIntosh, Will
Lover At Last Ward, J. R.
Lover Avenged Ward, J. R..
Lover Awakened Ward, J. R.
Lover Enshrined Ward, J. R.
Lover Mine Ward, J. R..
Lover Reborn Ward, J. R.
Lover Unbound Ward, J. R.
Lover Unleashed Ward, J. R.
Mage's Blood Hair, David
Magic In The Blood Monk, Devon
Magic In The Shadows Monk, Devon
Magician's End Feist, Raymond E.
Makers Doctorow, Cory
Managing Death Jamieson, Trent
Manifestations Henley, David M.
Mansfield With Monsters Cowens, Matt and Debbie (with Mansfield, Katherine)
Many Bloody Returns Harris, Charlaine
Marked Cast, P. C. And Kristen
Masque Of The Red Death Griffin, Bethany
Masquerade De La Cruz, Melissa
Matter Banks, Iain M.
May Contain Traces Of Magic Holt, Tom
Memory Zero Arthur, Keri
Mirrorspace De Pierres, Marianne
Misguided Angel Melissa De La Cruz
Mistborn: The Alloy Of Law Sanderson, Brandon
Monster Martinez, A. Lee
Moonsworn Arthur, Keri
Mortal Fire Knox, Elizabeth
Moxyland Beukes, Lauren
My Brief History Hawking, Stephen
My Immortal Assassin Jewel, Carolyn
Necromancer Howard, Jonathan L.
Nekropolis Waggoner, Tim
New Space Opera Strahan, Jonathan and Dozois, Gardner
Night Embrace Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Night Pleasures Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Night Sessions Macleod, Ken
Nightfall Elliott, Will
Nightmares! Segel, Jason and Miller, Kirsten
Nightshade Cremer, Andrea
Nina Of The Dark Catran, Ken
No Mercy Kenyon, Sherrilyn
No Humans Involved Armstrong, Kelley
Noble Conflict Blackman, Malorie
NOS4R2 Hill, Joe
Oath Of Fealty Moon, Elizabeth
On the Steel Breeze Reynolds, Alistair
Onyx Javelin Wheeler, Steve
Oracle's Fire Victoria, Mary
Orphaned Worlds Cobley, Michael
Orphans Triumph Buettner, Robert
Otherworld Armstrong, Kelley
Parky Parkinson, Michael
Penumbra Arthur, Keri
Petrodor: A Trial Of Blood And Steel Book II Shepherd, Joel
Phantom Of Terawhiti Hunt, Des
Phoenix Rising Ballantine, Pip and Morris, Tee
Pilgrims Elliott, Will
Pirate Latitudes Crichton, Michael
Practical Demonkeeping Moore, Christopher
Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Grahame-Smith, Seth and Austen, Jane
Prince Lestat Rice, Anne
Princeps Fury Butcher, Jim
Prisoner of the Black Hawk Tait, A. L.
Promise Of Blood McClellan, Brian
Prophecy Of The Sisters Zink, Michelle
Prophecys Ruin Bowring, Sam
Rage Of The Rhino Grylls, Bear
Raising Steam Pratchett, Terry
Ray Bradbury Stories Volume 1 Bradbury, Ray
Red Claw Palmer, Phillip
Red Headed Stepchild Wells, Jaye
Red Moon Percy, Benjamin
Redshirts Scalzi, John
Retribution Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Revelations De La Cruz, Melissa
Revenant McGuiness, Bevan
Rides A Dread Legion Feist, Raymond
Rise Of Empire Sullivan, Michael J.
River Marked Briggs, Patricia
River of Stars Kay, Guy Gavriel
Robot Overlords Stay, Mark
Rome: The Art Of War Scott, M. C.
Rule 34 Stross, Charles
Ruthless Game Feehan, Christine
Samiha's Song Mary Victoria
Sand Howey, Hugh
Sasha: A Trial Of Blood And Steel Book I Shepherd, Joel
Saturns Children Stross, Charles
Savage Nature Feehan, Christine
Scarlet Tides Hair, David
Scorpion Mountain Flanagan, John
Seasons Of War Abraham, Daniel
Second Grave On The Left Jones, Darynda
Secret Ones Murphy, Nicole
Seeds Of Earth Colby, Michael
Seraphina Hartmann, Rachel
Seven Princes Fultz, John R.
Sextant Barrie, David
Shades Of Night Kittredge, Jackie and Kessler, Caitlin
Shadow Elliott, Will
Shadow And Betrayal Abraham, Daniel
Shadowheart Williams, Tad
Shadowmarch Williams, Tad
Shadow's Son Sprunk, Jon
Shaladors Lady Bishop, Anne
Shaman Robinson, Kim Stanley
Shaolin Burning Sang, Ant
Shards of Hope Singh, Nalini
Shield of Winter Singh, Nalini
Shift Howey, Hugh
Side Jobs Butcher, Jim
Silver Borne Briggs, Patricia
Silver Tongued Devil Wells, Jaye
Sin Undone Ione, Larissa
Sins Of The Flesh Pineiro, Caridad
Sixty One Nails Shevdon, Mike
Slave To Sensation Singh, Nalini
Slights Warren, Kaaron
Small Shen Chan, Kylie
Small Favour Butcher, Jim
So Anyway Cleese, John
Songs Of The Earth Cooper, Elspeth
Soul's Reckoning Sam Bowring
Soulless Carriger, Gail
Spark Twelve Hawks, John
Speak Of The Devil Black, Jenna
Spirit Bound Feehan, Christine
SS GB Deighton, Len
Steelheart Sanderson, Brandon
Stolen Kelley Armstrong
Storm Minchin, Tim
Strike Of The Shark Grylls, Bear
Stronger Than Sin Pineiro, Caridad
Surface Detail Iain M. Banks
Sword From Red Ice Jones, J. V.
Sworn: Fallen Kings Book 1 Martin, Gail Z.
Tangle Of Need Singh, Nalini
Teardrop Kate, Lauren
Tempest Rising Peeler, Nicole
Tempted By Fate Perry, Kate
Terminal World Reynolds, Alistair
The Alchemist In The Shadows Pevel, Pierre
The Art Of District 9: Weta Workshop Daniel Falconer
The Atrocity Archives Stross, Charles
The Aviator Renowden, Gareth
The Better Mousetrap Holt, Tom
The Black Dagger Brotherhood Ward, J. R.
The Black Guard Smith, A. J.
The Bone Palace Downum, Amanda
The Broken Kingdoms Jemisin, N. K.
The Child Thief Brom
The Chimes Smaill, Anna
The City Gemmell, Stella
The Cold Commands Morgan, Richard
The Coldest War Tregillis, Ian
The Company Man Bennett, Robert Jackson
The Complete Alcatraz Sanderson, Brandon
The Dark Divide Fallon, Jennifer
The Dark Legacy Of Shannara: Bloodfire Quest 2 Brooks, Terry
The Daylight War Brett, Peter V.
The Deed Of Paksenarrion Moon, Elizabeth
The Demon's Watch Mason, Conrad
The Dervish House McDonald, Ian
The Desert Spear Brett, Peter V.
The Devils Payground Black, Jenna
The Digital Plague Somers, Jeff
The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet Fletcher, Tom and Poynter, Dougie
The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas Fletcher, Tom and Poynter, Dougie
The Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed Fletcher, Tom and Poynter, Dougie
The Dinosaur That Pooped The Past Fletcher, Tom and Poynter, Dougie
The Dirty Streets Of Heaven Williams, Tad
The Disestablishment Of Paradise Mann, Phillip
The Domino Men Barnes, Jonathan
The Doomsday Machine Webb, Catharine
The Drowned Cities Bacigalupi, Paolo
The Drowning City Downum, Amanda
The Edge Of The World Kevin J. Anderson
The Electric Church Somers, Jeff
The Enterprise Of Death Bullington, Jesse
The Escapement Parker, K. J.
The Eternal Prison Somers, Jeff
The Explorer Smythe, James
The Eye Of Minds Dasher, James
The Factory World Ryan, Joseph Edward
The Fallen Blade Grimwood, John Courtenay
The Fate Of The Dwarves Hietz, Markus
The Fire Prince Gee, Emily
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August North, Claire
The Folding Knife Parker, K. J.
The Forbidden Library Wexler, Django
The Forever Watch Ramirez, David
The Fourth Wall Williams, Walter Jon
The Frood Roberts, Jem
The Fuller Memorandum Stross, Charles
The Furies Of Calderon Butcher, Jim
The Game Kuhn, Krystyna
The Gathering Of The Lost Lowe, Helen
The Glass Projector Ryan, J. E.
The Good Fairies Of New York Millar, Martin
The Gospel of Loki Harris, Joanne M.
The Great Bazaar / Brayan's Gold Brett, Peter V.
The Hammer Parker, K. J.
The Heir Of Night Lowe, Helen
The Heroes Abercrombie, Joe
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles - Art and Design Falconer, Daniel
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles - Art and Design Falconer, Daniel
The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy: Location Guide Brodie, Ian
The Host Meyer, Stephanie
The Hundred Thousands Kingdoms Jemisin, N. K.
The Hunt For Pierre Jnr Henley, David M.
The Hydrogen Sonata Banks, Iain M.
The Iron Trial Clare, Casandra and Black, Holly
The Janus Affair Ballantine, Pip and Morris, Tee
The Jennifer Morgue Stross, Charles
The Killing Moon Jemisin, N. K
The King Ward, J. R.
The Kingdom Of Gods Jemisin, N. K.
The Kingdoms Of Dust Downum, Amanda
The Legend Of Sigurd And Gudrun Tolkien, J. R. R.
The Link Tudge, Colin
The Long Mars Pratchett, Terry and Baxter, Stephen
The Lost Patterson, James and Raymond, Emily
The Lust Lizard Of Melancholy Cove Moore, Christopher
The Mad Apprentice Wexler, Django
The Mage In Black Wells, Jaye
The Madness Of Hallen Meek, Russell
The Martian Weir, Andy
The Midnight Mayor Griffin, Kate
The Minority Council Griffin, Kate
The Neon Court Griffin, Kate
The Ocean At The End Of The Lane Gaiman, Neil
The Pirates and the Nightmaker Norcliffe, James
The Prince Of Soul and the Lighthouse Brouneus, Fredrik
The Prodigal Mage Miller, Karen
The Queen of the Tearling Johansen, Erika
The Raven's Shadow Cooper, Elspeth
The Reluctant Mage Miller, Karen
The Restoration Game Macleod, Ken
The Revenge Of The Dwarves Heitz, Marcus
The Rivers Of London Aaronovitch, Ben
The Rogue Canavan, Trudi
The Royal Ranger Flanagan, John
The Rule Of Thoughts Dasher, James
The Sad Tale Of The Brothers Grossbart Bullington, Jesse
The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day Pratchett, Terry et al
The Screaming Staircase Stroud, Jonathan
The Scrivener's Tale McIntosh, Fiona
The Seventh Wave Garrety, Paul
The Shadowed Sun Jemisin, N. K.
The Shadow's Heir Taylor, K. J
The Shining Girls Beukes, Lauren
The Slow Regard Of Silent Things Rothfuss, Patrick
The Sovereign Hand Gilbert, Paul
The Spirit Eater Aaron, Rachel
The Spirit Rebellion Aaron, Rachel
The Spirit Thief Aaron, Rachel
The Spook's Revenge Delaney, Joseph
The Steep Approach To Garbadale Banks, Iain
The Strain Hogan, Chuck and Del Toro, Guillermo
The String Diaries Jones, Stephen Lloyd
The Summoning Armstrong, Kelly
The Taniwha's Tear Hair, David
The Terminal State Somers, Jeff
The Traitor Queen Canavan, Trudi
The Travelling Restaurant Else, Barbara
The Tree Singer Fahey, Danny
The True History of the Black Adder Roberts, J. F.
The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains Gaiman, Neil
The Twelve Cronin, Justin
The Undivided Fallon, Jennifer
The Van Alen Legacy De La Cruz, Melissa
The Vorrh Catling, Brian
The Warden Daly, Stuart
The Water Knife Bacigalupi, Paolo
The Whispering Skull Stroud, Jonathan
The Wind City Wigmore, Summer
The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister Martin, George R. R.
The World House Adams, Guy
The Windup Girl Bacigalupi, Paolo
The Wise Man's Fear Rothfuss, Patrick
The Youngest Templar Spradlin, Michael P.
Theft Of Swords Sullivan, Michael J.
They Is Us Janowitz, Tama
Theories Of Flight Mordern, Simon
This House Is Haunted Boyne, John
This Is Not A Game Williams, Walter Jon
Through Violet Eyes Woodworth, Stephen
Time and Time Again Elton, Ben
Timeless Carriger, Gail
Touch North, Claire
Tour of Duty Williamson, Michael Z.
Tracato: A Trial Of Blood And Steel Book III Shepherd, Joel
Tracking The Tempest Peeler, Nicole
Traitors Gate Elliott, Kate
Transition Banks, Iain M.
Tricked Hearne, Kevin
Trinity Rising Cooper, Elspeth
Tropic Of Skorpeo Morrissey, Michael
Tuf Voyaging Martin, George R. R.
Turncoat Butcher, Jim
Twilight The Graphic Novel Meyer, Stephanie
Tymon's Flight Mary Victoria
Unclean Spirits Hanover, M. L. N.
Undead And Unfinished Davidson, Mary Janice
Undead And Unwelcome Davidson, Mary Janice
Under Heaven Kay, Guy Gavriel
Unholy Ghosts Kane, Stacy
Unholy War Hair, David
Unmarked Graves Hutson, Shaun
Valley of Shields Lay, Duncan
Vengeance Irvine, Ian
Version 43 Phillip Palmer
Veteran Smith, Gavin
Wake Sawyer, Robert J.
Waking The Witch Armstrong, Kelley
Walking The Tree Warren, Kaaron
Wall of Spears Lay, Duncan
War Of The Dwarves Heitz, Markus
Warbreaker Sanderson, Brandon
Watched Baker, Tihema
Waterfall Kate, Lauren
Wearable Arts Potton, Craig
Whales Tale Harvey, Edwina
White Cloud Worlds Tobin, Paul (Editor)
Winter Be My Shield Spurrier, Jo
Wireless Stross, Charles
With Red Hands Woodworth, Stephen
Wool Howey, Hugh
Word Witch Mahy, Margaret
World's End Elliott, Will
Wounded Guardian Lay, Duncan
Wrath Of A Mad God Feist, Raymond
You Suck Moore, Christopher
Zendegi Egan, Greg
Zima Blue Reynolds, Alastair
Zombies Golden, Christopher
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