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Devils Payground The Devil's Playground
by Jenna Black

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

More and more of the lower dregs of society have been showing up with demons of their own – in alarming numbers.

Morgan Kingsley is certain that this is yet another plot of Dougal, the demon king’s brother, as part of his on-going bid to seize the throne of the Demon Realm. The king’s council on the Mortal Plains must figure out what the plot is, and how to stop it, while an alarming number of people are dying. Morgan is an exorcist, who happens to be possessed by Lugh, the demon king. She is caught between Brian, her mortal boyfriend, and Lugh, who she lusts after, and has to deal with them as well as figure out how to stop Dougal.

The 5th in the series, this book delivers more fast-paced action with more plotting to figure out plus very hot sexual tension. Another great read for fans of urban fantasy, though I’d recommend reading the first 4 in the series, to understand the characters and why they want to kill each other, especially those that are the good guys and supposed to be working together! I was saddened to read on Jenna Black’s website that this was the end of the series but she added (at least for now)!

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