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The Dinosaur Who Pooped Schistmas The Dinosaur Who Pooped Christmas
by Tom Fletcher And Dougie Poynter
Red Fox

Supplied for review by Random House

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

It was the night before Christmas and a greedy little boy was lying in bed, wishing for even more toys. So Santa decided to give him a special present........

A cautionary tale of what wanting too much can get you, it shows how important family is and ends on a heart-warming note when everything turns out ok. The book is composed of cleverly written stanzas with rhyming and a great beat when read aloud. The illustrations are fantastic, colourful and conveying a sense of realism in each scene.

Written by Tom and Dougie from McFly, this is a wonderful, entertaining picture book that’s perfect for reading to little ones as well as delighting adults with its humour and clever illustrations. I highly recommend this book for any children in your life and even if you don’t have any.

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