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The Dirty Streets Of Heaven The Dirty Streets Of Heaven
by Tad Williams
Hodder And Stoughton

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

The Dirty Streets of Heaven introduces Bobby Dollar, sometime detective, angel and advocate of souls (the detective work is merely a hobby) – and a real departure in style from Tad Williams’ previous fantasy series. Stylistically, The Dirty Streets of Heaven sits somewhere been detective noir and the new urban fantasy.

Bobby Dollar serves the Lord by advocating on behalf of the souls of the deceased against Hell’s lawyers. But one day the deceased fails to show and then Hell’s lawyer on the case is tortured to death. From then on Bobby’s afterlife gets more than a trifle interesting in a variety of wrong ways. He is suspect number one in the ongoing mystery of lost souls; word on the street has him holding something stolen from a duke of Hell; a hellhound dogs his tail; and he losses his heart to a she-demon. Meanwhile head office keeps asking questions and one thing Bobby knows is you can’t lie in Heaven.

The Dirty Streets of Heaven is a wry, darkly humorous look at the life of a working, earthbound angel and is a welcome addition to the urban fantasy milieu. I am looking forward to the advertised sequels and finding out how Bobby Dollars’ afterlife progresses; one thing is certain, it won’t be dull.

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