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No Humans Involved No Humans Involved
Women Of The Otherworld Book 7
by Kelley Armstrong

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Jamie Vegas is a celebrity necromancer, seeing dead people on TV and live shows. Aiming to get her own show, she joins two spiritualists on a TV shoot to raise the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. After finding real ghosts in the house, Jamie asks for help from werewolves, a half-demon, an angel or two and a dark witch. Ghosts are usually not a problem for Jamie, but these ghosts are children, and the underworld laws say this shouldn’t happen.

Jeremy, the alpha of the US werewolf pack, is quiet, serious and very self-controlled. He flies to LA to help out Jamie, and romance blossoms between them while investigating what humans have discovered how to use blood magic. A funny scene has them hiding from a sex cult, in the basement of an occult shop, kept company by a lecherous ghost.

Though Jamie does moan a bit about having no powers and needing to be rescued all the time, she’s very capable and can look after herself while getting the job done. She comes to terms with her dodgy past and accepts the darker side of her supernatural abilities in this story. The sex scenes are a bit more descriptive than in the previous books but are not graphic and fit well with the rest of the story. I think they’re suitable for older teens upwards.

This is a paranormal suspense, with a bit of romance thrown in. It’s well written, tightly plotted, lots of intrigue, a bit of action, scary killers, as well as comedic moments. This is an enjoyable book in the Otherworld series. It can be read as a standalone even though some characters are recurring in the series. A definite must-read.

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