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Seventh Wave The Seventh Wave
by Paul Garrety

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

The Seventh Wave is Paul Garrety’s first novel, which tells the tale of magic, greed, power and betrayal in modern Australia, and is the first half of the Helix Prophecy.

The seventh wave in question is the seventh power surge from higher beings, who have grown tired of living as being of light and thought and want to rediscover the joys of bodies corporeal. The seventh wave will deliver their minds into waiting and unsuspecting bodies. Standing in their way is a corps of magic practitioners who find the prospect of new resurrected, immensely powerful, sociopathic mages most undesirable. Enter cat burglar Callum, journalist Sam, and white light mage Freda and the fight is afoot.

If that synopsis of the plot read as a bit chaotic and disordered, then that was a fair summation of the book. A promising story told well in stops and starts, but for this reader the author was trying too hard. The characters were well drawn, but acted erratically. The characters, goodies and baddies both, were running to a deadline but the time frame leading up to that deadline lacked urgency. And the god in the machine, the provider of maguffins and coincidences, was working overtime to engineer enough coincidences that at times the reader could hear its panting breath. All in all a less than satisfying read.

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