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Astropolis 2 Astropolis 2: Earth Ascendant
by Sean Williams

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten


Earth Ascendant is the second book in the Astropolos trilogy. In finest [space] opera traditions there are machinations, plots and counter-plots aplenty.

Earth Ascendant traces Imre Bergamasc’s, the central character in the series, attempts to rebuild the pan-galactic civilisation that had all but vanished at the time of his resuscitation at the start of the series. Aided by his former Corps comrades Imre is rebuilding this civilisation, using Earth as the base, but is being sabotaged at every turn by the Barons and the Luminous.

Like any good opera new villains and supporting heroes enter act two to enliven the story; so it is with Earth Ascendant. But to expand on this would spoil the surprise. And so we have to wait for book three to see how Imre’s plans to fight the Barons and the Luminous unfold.

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