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Jordan Jordan
by Susan Kearney

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

This book started out on a spaceship on earth that was being outfitted to fly, under the project management of the heroine. The designated alpha male happens to have a much-needed power source – a magic staff. He insets the magic staff in the ships power supply. As well as powering the spaceship, it alters the body temperatures of the hero and heroine so they become overpoweringly attracted to each other and have to immediately take care of matters.

I really needed to read the first two in the series before jumping into the third book. I was puzzled by the status of Earth and the motivations of people. To make things more confusing the hero is a shape shifter from another world who was Merlin in King Arthur’s Camelot. The hero whisks the heroine to the new Camelot, on another planet and hidden by magic. I do like Guinevere’s solution to the triangle between her, Lancelot and King Arthur though.

The good guys are trying to find the Holy Grail and retrieve a magic cup from the bad guys, so they can use the trifecta of magic power objects to restore Earth’s balance. The bad guys are trying to find the Holy Grail and magic staff to strengthen their power. They don’t realise the hero has the magic staff. The evil overlord reminds me of Star Wars, with the Force and Luke fighting the dark side, led by his father.

This has an interesting mix of spaceships and magic. It is definitely a romance too, so if you can’t stand the genre avoid this book. It’s a light hearted read, though I would definitely recommend reading the first two first to get some back-story. I was confused in places as to why something was happening.

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