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Ruthless Game Ruthless Game
by Christine Feehan

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Ghostwalkers are soldiers, who volunteered for psychic enhancements. But they all got more than they bargained for when Dr Whitney (the mastermind behind the project) also altered their genes. To make matters more complicated, Whitney has started breeding programs, where he pairs his Ghostwalkers with enhanced women, in the hopes of creating super-babies.

The ninth book in the GhostWalker series and focuses on members of GhostWalker Team Three. The team is deployed to Mexico to rescue two hostages from a drug cartel after a tip-off from an informant. The team discovers the informant is Rose, one of the women who escaped from Dr. Whitney's breeding program with the help of the GhostWalkers. The two hostages turn into three and Kane and Rose are left to find their way back to safety....

Kane has been searching for Rose for months, ever since Dr. Whitney paired them as part of the breeding program. He helped her to escape but then lost touch with her. Rose is eight months pregnant with Kane's child and desperately afraid to trust anyone with the safety of her unborn child - anyone except Kane.

They are both strong, likeable members of the team. Because they were paired and mated before the book starts, the story lacks the courtship phase of the relationship. The expressions of their feelings can be a bit over the top at times but I like how Rose refuses to let Kane go too alpha male on her.

This is the first Ghostwalker book I read and I’m hunting down the first eight so I can read more of this series. I look forward to learning more about this Ghostwalker team and seeing more of the other teams and how they interact as well. This book was fast paced, enjoyable and kept me turning pages until the very end.

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