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Misguided Angel Misguided Angel
by Melissa De La Cruz

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Schuyler and Jack have fled to Florence, where they have been offered asylum by Isabelle of Orleans, the head of the European conclave. They find themselves under constant guard by Venators, which is not ideal when they need to embark on the mission to locate and protect the seven Gates that guard earth from Lucifer, lord of the Silverbloods. They hatch a James Bondesque escape plan involving jetskis and a former Somali pirate accomplice.

Back in New York Oliver, having been released from his Conduit position with Schuyler, has chosen to become a Repository scribe, rather than have his memory scrubbed. Mimi has left heartbroken over her missing lover Kingsley, who is either dead or trapped in the underworld. Either way he is lost to her and this just adds to her rage that Jack has forsaken her for Schuyler. As is her right according to the Code, she sends Venators to hunt Jack down for breaking their bond, to face her wrath in the blood trial.

Mimi has a new role in New York – the head (Regent) of the conclave of Blue Bloods. She's downplaying her role during school, but she's responsible for their survival. When a homemade movie leaks, signalling the kidnapping of one vampire, Mimi's in trouble. The video, taken at a party, threatens to burn the vampire alive - in front of the human world. Mimi knows she needs to find this girl quickly and hush up the vampire rumours in the human world. Not only does she need to save this girl's life, but she needs to save her own spot as leader among the Blue Bloods. She brings in reinforcements – a Venator from the Chinese conclave.

While several main characters from previous books are missing (including Charles, Allegra, Bliss and Kingsley), there are some interesting new ones introduced. These include Blue Bloods in school with Mimi, Red Bloods (humans) and a very beautiful and capable Chinese vampire, Demin Chen. There are some big revelations and plot twists, including finding out how and when Lucifer impregnated Gabrielle with Bliss.

I didn‘t really like the constant shifting of points of views in the previous books but I wish the author would've done that instead of dividing it in parts and telling the entire story of one character in a rush. Misguided Angel was extremely short, compared to the volumes that preceded it. I also grew annoyed with Schuyler’s constant insecurities and dependence on Jack. She needs a good smack.

I suppose it was a good read. Some intrigue, some action, some mystery, some heartbreak and a possibility to retrieve what was once lost. The book ends with promise but gives nothing tangible to the story, except for Jack and Mimi's paths. Fans of the series should read it just to not miss the only two details in the book that might affect the current of the story, but this is simply filler. Don’t bother reading this unless you're a hyper fan and just can't stand it.

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