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Pursuit Of Sausages Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Sausages:
A Comedy Of Transdimensional Tomfoolery
by Tom Holt

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Katie Boyle

Tom Holt is king! You can have your Terry Pratchetts, your Robert Rankins. No one is the equal of Tom Holt!

Think about N-space, or foldspace, or whatever your favourite author calls the kind of space that follows different laws and allows people to travel faster than light/store more stuff than could possibly fit in that bag/get a tan in winter. There’s some sort of scientific or mystical explanation of it that amounts to, "It just works." Well, Holt does it differently. "Neither parallel nor tangential, Van Spee Space bears roughly the same relation to the Einsteinian continuum as the personal injury lawyers who advertise on daytime TV bear to the mainstream legal profession. It’s there, lots of people use it and nothing can be done about it right now, not for want of trying, but it’s best not to harp on about it when talking to respectable scientists, for fear of causing offence."

Holt claims on his website that there are only a very limited number of jokes in the universe, and the trick is to approach them from a slightly different angle. He’s got the trick down pat, and he demonstrates that in this book. He creates elements so disparate they could never fit together, then links them intimately. It’s funny, scathing and irreverent; it is, in fact, the essence of comedy, and I loved it.

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