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A Crown For Cold Silver A Crown For Cold Silver
by Alex Marshall

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Michael Drake

A Crown for Cold Silver is, according to the author page, written by an acclaimed author writing under a pseudonym, and has enticing reviews on the back cover. As promised, the world is full of imagination and invention and the author regularly sets up and subverts expectations using a cast of scarred and nasty people. It is obviously the first volume in what is intended to be a much longer tale.

The opening line is superb "It was all going so nicely, right up until the massacre." Absolutely mouth-watering. Unfortunately I found the book a much less satisfying read –lots of twisted characters racing around a mysterious world – often in circles. It took me several hundred pages to get the hang of who was whom, and it was not until around page 500 that all the important ones arrived in the same place. I kept wanting a map and a character list to help me follow the story. The book is in two parts, and unfortunately I put it down after the first part, and read several others before I felt obliged to continue with the tale, so the great one-liners and the memorable characters were somewhat wasted on me. Perhaps you will find it more satisfying.

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