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Destinys Rift Destiny's Rift
by Sam Bowring

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jacqui Smith

I just love Sam Bowring’s prose. He has a talent rarely found among fantasy authors for coming up with amazing new environments and describing them so evocatively that one can readily imagine actually being there. He devises novel and interesting monsters – I just loved the insane dragon. And his plotting isn’t bad either. The middle book of any trilogy is usually the weak one, but there’s no sign of weakness in Destiny’s Rift. In many ways this is a stronger novel than the first one, no extended dream sequence for starters. And it’s all here… romance, magic, quest and battle, all the classic elements, but brewed up in new and interesting ways. Our heroes of Light and Shadow get to meet, under somewhat dubious circumstances, and then are forced go their separate ways. Lots of ordinary people, on both sides, get dead. Our Lord of Shadow shows he has a rather unpleasant ruthless side. Our Lord of Light seems just a bit dense. And meanwhile, quietly, the forces of neutrality are starting to build… I’m definitely looking forward to the conclusion of this one.
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