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Keys To The Repository Keys To The Repository
by Melissa De La Cruz

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

This is a companion book to the Blue Blood series, not a new book in the series. It was very interesting and enjoyable though. It contains a summary of events so far, a profile of every character in the book and brief biographies of the main characters. It also contains short stories that are a continuation of the Blue Blood books, such as Schuyler and Jack’s first meeting at the Perry St apartment and an account of their last meeting that is told from Jack’s viewpoint. Melissa de la Cruz has begun writing the Wolf Pact series, which follows Bliss Llewellyn as she sets of to find the Hounds of Hell, and gives a sneak peak of the first book in the form of a short story.

This is a book that is set out well, the profiles are written as though they are official Repository records. This is a must read for Blue Blood fans and any newbie should read this book to get a taste of the story and writing style of Melissa de la Cruz. It was interesting to read more about the characters motivations and histories, and the author’s notes were a great insight into why things happened.

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