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Dragon Keeper The Dragon Keeper
by Robin Hobb
Harper Voyager

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Alicia Ponder

Many people are gathered to watch the young dragons hatch on the banks of the Rain Wild River to enormous fanfare and great expectation. Unfortunately, as the dragons begin to emerge from their cocoons it becomes obvious that they are deformed, that they are so deformed they will never fly. Nobody is happy, least of all the dragons who dream of past lives and forgotten glory. Left to live in filth and squalor as the humans struggle to feed and care for them the dragons become dangerous and unpredictable. They cannot stay near the Rain Wilds' settlement forever, and yet where could they possibly go without wings to take them? Who would look after them?

This may be book one of The Rain Wild Chronicles, but Robin Hobb fans will recognise the world. I found it a little cuter and lighter than her previous books, but t is probably a good place to start with a series. Particularly endearing are the communiqués between the two pigeon keepers on either end of the river, a device which threatens to become more important in later books.

The only proviso is that I felt Robin Hobb lost her way slightly before the end. It was is a shame, because an editor should have picked the repetition, and up until then it was a very engaging story, one that promises to turn into yet another of her well written, well structured, well crafted series.

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