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Knife Of Dreams Knife Of Dreams
by Robert Jordan

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Alicia Ponder

I know, it's been a very long series, so much so was that the biggest surprise of all in this book -- was that something actually happens! Just when you think your life has been robbed and you'll never claw back the time you wasted reading this series that started so promisingly -- having endured hours of people pulling at their hair every second sentence and running around with far too many clothes -- or far too few. Just about that point, when I was having fantasies about seeing how aerodynamic this thick and ponderous tome might be -- something happened. And kept on happening. It was as if Robert Jordan sensed his mortality, and with about two hundred pages to go he begins to re-introduce plot, and then with gathering speed, he finally sees fit to tie up all sorts of loose end that have been lurking with only veiled intent for at least three books. The urgency, having been rediscovered, is not lost, and so for any Jordan fan who has given up on the series (like I had), then my suggestion would be to have a quick flick through the beginning of, Knife of Dreams, and then go straight to the last couple of hundred pages. There's something nice and satisfying about reaching the end of a book, and in some ways this was like finishing the series, I liked the definite feeling of tying up the loose ends, and although there is still plenty of conflict looming for the famous "last battle," I gained a nice feeling of closure.

Even better, Matt Coulthon's "bloody" dice stopped rolling somewhere near the end -- if only momentarily. In actual fact, I think his dice stopped rolling twice - but who's counting? I'm certainly not. I even try not to look at the writing on the front cover where it says "Book Eleven of  THE WHEEL OF TIME, that would just be too depressing.

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