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Taniwhas Tears The Taniwha's Tears
by David Hair

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

The Taniwha’s Tears is David Hair’s second book, and a direct sequel to The Bone Tiki. The book showcases Mr Hair’s increasing confidence as a writer and storyteller, with the book aimed squarely at the young adult market.

The Taniwha’s Tears continues the story of Mat Douglas and his adventures in the shadow world of Aotearoa – a world that reflects and echoes the cultural memories and beliefs of the every day world – and is set three months after the events recounted in The Bone Tiki. Mat has started to learn how to control some of his abilities as an adept of this shadow world, but is very much a novice and understands how dangerous the shadow realm of Aotearoa is. But this well-founded caution is put to the test with a chance encounter on the way to a family reunion and Mat ends up in the deep end with only very dubious buoyancy aids to hand. Mat also has the complication of first love to chart as well.

I found this a well paced story, with believable characters and plotting, and an ending that met the demands of both the story and the characters as lived through the story. David Hair has gained confidence as a writer and this is reflected in the pacing and character development shown in The Taniwha’s Tears. This is a book that demands to be read. I am supported in my views by my god son, who rapidly seized upon this book at his recent birthday and then disappeared to his room to ensure that the ink didn’t fade in the coming hours. The ensuing hours of silence was a testament to the book’s reading appeal. A job very well done Mr Hair.

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