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Dark Side Of The Moon Dark Side Of The Moon
Dark Hunters Book 10
by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Ravyn is a Dark-Hunter who’s also a were-hunter. He was killed by his family after inadvertently getting his village massacred. He sold his soul to Artemis for retribution against those responsible for the massacre but his surviving family still hate him. The were-hunters are cousins to the daimons, who the Dark-Hunters were created to destroy, so they’re sworn enemies of each other. So Ravyn has a hard time being both were- and Dark-Hunter.

Susan is a reporter with no credibility, who has been reduced to working for a tabloid for the paranormal in order to pay the bills. Stopping by an animal shelter to talk to her best friend, Angie, about a conspiracy her police officer husband has uncovered, Susan takes a cat home as a cover story for her visit. Once home the cat turns out to be a gorgeous, well built shape shifter - Ravyn. He and Susan work together to uncover the conspiracy and figure out what the daimons are planning, which is to take over Seattle completely by killing the Dark-Hunters off one by one.

A perfect mixture of action, mystery, and romance, this is a must-read for Dark-Hunter fans. Ravyn and Susan are an unlikely pair (she’s allergic to him), but grow on you. There’s also a bunch of squires as interesting secondary characters and we catch up with previous characters, such as Archeron, Savitar, and Nick. I really don’t like Nick in this book; he’s starting to sound like a whiny brat. Like all Dark-Hunter books it is a bit steamy at times. There’s a great amount of information important to the series in this book.

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