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Shift Shift
by Hugh Howey

Supplied for review by Random HouseNew Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Troy wakes out of an unnatural deep sleep, despondent as he still has his memories of another life. The pills that will enable him to forget haven’t started to work yet. Woken for his first shift he’s suddenly in charge, there to ensure nothing goes wrong and uphold the Order.

Donald is a young congressman, in a distant period of time. He meets with Senator Thurman, a meeting that will change the course of many lives. He agrees to work on a project for the Senator that will utilise his architecture and design skills. Anna Thurman is also working on the project, an old flame who never forgot him.

Interspersed are stories of other ordinary Silo dwellers; Mission and the uprising in Silo 18; Jimmy and how he became Solo; how Juliette found Solo. All are told between flashes of how Donald helped build the Silos and Troy’s attempts to make sense of the world.

Very complexly plotted you have to concentrate to follow the story, as it jumps back and forth between time periods and different characters. Each chapter begins with a place and time of where it takes place, which makes the jumps easier to follow. The prequel to Wool, this book explains how the silos came to be. It’s quite scary how a few people can control the fate of billions. Definitely one to read for fans of Justin Cronin.

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