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Green Eyed Demon Green Eyed Demon:
Sabrina Kane Bok 3
by Jaye Wells

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

"If I’d learned one thing, it was that killing people who annoyed me generally created more problems than it solved."

Sabina’s sister, Maisie, has been kidnapped by their vampire grandmother, Lavinia. As part of the plan to rescue Maisie, Sabina, her demon servant Giguhl and Adam Lazarus the mage kidnap Tanith, the vampire Dominae. Tthough she intended to snatch Persephone to extract information, the Dominae makes a deal with the Queen of the Fairies.

After the mages hear that Lavinia is in New Orleans, Sabina, Adam and Gighul (AKA Team Awesome thanks to Gighul) set off to find them. Adam's aunt arranges for them to stay with voodoo priestess Zenobia and her friend Brooks, a changeling drag queen, so they have extra help on their mission.

The Fae Queen is taking advantage of the Mage's circumstances by establishing dominance over them, while this is happening. She expects all Mages to fall in line like little minions. With everyone seeming to be against them, it's up to the three of them to save Maisie before it is too late. And also to kick Lavinia’s ass!

The usual suspects are present, mages, demon servants and vampires. The new characters are very colourful and unique; Mac, a werewolf who reluctantly helps Sabina, Alodius, a human butcher who has a strange clientle, and Brooks, aka Pussy Willow, a cross-dressing faery.

The book is funny while being action packed. There is also romance and flirtation, and not just for Sabina. The series is very addictive and I am eagerly-awaiting book 4! Jaye Wells knows tells a really good story. If you want a character who never ever changes, don't start this series. Wells lets Sabina grow and not always in a very heroic way. But it's always believable.

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