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Full Moon Rising Full Moon Rising:
Riley Jenson Book 1
by Keri Arthur

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Riley Jenson and her twin Rhoan work for Melbourne’s Directorate for Other Races, an organization that polices the supernatural and keeps humans safe from the ones that are evil. They have special powers, being werewolf/vampire hybrids. They only admit to being werewolves, keeping their nature secret, as werewolves look down at vampires and they would be treated as freaks. Rhoan is a guardian, while Riley, wanting to keep a lower profile, is an operative. Her boss, Jack, wants to bring her into the ranks of the guardians, and sends her on a special assignment when Rhoan goes missing.

Helping her search is Quinn, a very old vampire who once had his heart broken by a werewolf lover. This means he will never fully trust another werewolf, though he is happy to help Riley through the lust that engulfs werewolves in the days leading up to the full moon. Werewolves must have sex then or they will suffer moon madness, where they are not in control of their senses and can commit damage without being aware of it.

They discover Rhoan's disappearance is connected to a mysterious company that is kidnapping the supernatural community and collecting sperm and eggs from them. These are then used in an illegal project to a perfect soldier. The company is also involved in the disappearance of several guardians who are part of the Directorate

Riley learns one of her lovers may be involved in the conspiracy.

This book had lots of action, hot sex scenes and great characters. The world building is very clever, painting a clear picture of a future Melbourne where the supernatural live side by side with humans. The character development makes readers want to read future books starring Riley, an incredible person who will do what is necessary to keep her loved ones safe. This is an exciting start to an exciting series for adults.

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