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The Spirit Eater The Spirit Eater
by Rachel Aaron

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jacqui Smith

And here is the next one. There is definitely a more serious tone in this third book of the series. It opens with a scene of the aftermath of a recent battle between the League and a demonseed – who survives to become Eli Monpress’s sidekick Josef’s girlfriend Nico. We learn a whole lot more about demons and demonseeds in this book along with our friend Eli. He’s trying to find an old friend, a Shaper named Slorn – who is trying to find a swordsman named Sted, who is obsessively hunting Josef. And Miranda is, as usual, looking for Eli. Eli has to make some tough decisions this time, and has to visit some interesting places. We learn far more about the real powers behind the scenes of his world. There’s still a thread of humour, but this is far more intense, fantasy on a whole other level. Oh, and something I haven’t mentioned is the covers – they seem to me to be trying to convince readers of urban fantasy or supernatural romance into to reading a more classic style of fantasy, and I wonder if that’s a good idea. Not that they’d be disappointed, this is an excellent series.
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