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Archangel Angel's Flight
by Nalini Singh

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Angel’s Pawn - Ashwini is a Guild Hunter, dedicated to tracking down rogue vampires and bringing them to justice. Janiver is a rogue vampire with a talent for pissing off angels and ending up on the Guild Hunter’s hunt list. An ancient vampire has managed to annoy the angel who controls the territory he lives in and a Kiss has been sent after him to kill him – a Kiss being a group of vampires united with a common purpose. Ashwini has been sent to stop the carnage but needs Janiver’s help.

Angel’s Judgement – Sara is the top choice for being the director of the US Guild Hunters. On a mission to track down a rogue guild hunter who’s slaughtering vampires, she’s assigned Deacon to watch her back. A loner who polices the Hunters, Deacon is known as the Slayer and is their boogyman. He is appointed as Sara’s bodyguard on the hunt for the murderer as they angels and vampires are testing the future Guild Director’s strength.

Angel’s Wolf – Nimra is a strong angel ruling the Louisiana territory. She also has a problem; one of the trusted members of her court is trying to kill her. Noel is sent by Raphael to find the intruder, a move he views as a move sideways; he was brutally tortured and feels he is viewed as lesser because of it. As Nimra and Noel seek the traitor, another victim is discovered.

Angel’s Dance – Jessamy and Galen’s story is finally told; how the forthright weapons master taught the angel with the twisted wing how to fly. Galen had come to Raphael’s territory to serve as weapons master and found himself taken with the shy schoolmarm and record keeper. Then someone tried to kill her and Galen appointed himself her protector.

This was a good read – if you know the world. You will still enjoy the stories if you don’t though. I read the stories before – published in novellas and on Nalini’s website – and love the fact they are all gathered in one place. A must have for fans.

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