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Love Minus Eighty Love Minus Eighty
by Will Mcintosh

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Once upon a time there was the science fiction short story Bridesicle written by Will McIntosh, which was on the 2010 Nebula Award ballot and won the Hugo Award in 2010. That story, with the judicious application of some hormone growth treatment and a suitable environment, developed legs, lungs and a pulse and grew into the novel Love Minus Eighty.

Love Minus Eighty is a cautionary tale about what people may say and do if there is the chance of love and life after death. After all what would you agree to if you could be resurrected from the grave? What size indenture would you willingly sign to live again? Could you talk the cryonically dead who live on at minus eighty degrees?

Love Minus Eighty is charming exploration of death, love, and trends in income distribution, social mores and health technology – in sum: a science fiction novel with a soupcon of romance. Set in a world where suicide is not the answer; because your might hold resurrection insurance. Chancing your arm may be a very literal thing.

For those unfamiliar with the original product it is repeated in its entirety as the prologue to the novel. I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed the short story the first time around and was pleasantly surprised that it appeared here and that story was not the centrepiece of the novel but did serve as a very evocative prologue to the real story. Love Minus Eighty is very much worth seeking out and reading and for this reviewer a wonderful respite from a steady stream of fantasy trilogies.

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