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Blood Rights Blood Rights
House Of Commarre Book 1
by Kristen Painter

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Chrysabelle has been a blood slave to her patron for years. When he is killed, she is accused of his murder and the theft of a powerful artefact. She flees to the human world and her aunt Maris, a Comarre who killed her patron to achieve her freedom. While running from the murder charges, she stumbles across Malkom, a vampire who has been declared anathema society. Chrysabelle enlists his help in stopping the evil, power-hungry Tatiana from hunting her down and using the artefact to start a war between humans and the supernatural.

Malkom is a tortured soul. Cast out of vampire society, he is cursed to kill everyone he drinks from. Their names cover his body and their voices are always in his mind, taunting him. He wants Chrysabelle but can’t trust himself near her – angst and violent passion ensue (he’s not the one sparkling btw). Working together is the only way to get what they both want though. There are also a lot of fun secondary characters – vampires, shifters, ghosts, and demons.

A Comarre is a race of people born to be companion and blood slaves for vampires. They’re blonde, pale, wear white and are decorated with gold tattoos. They are wealthy, collectively and individually, yet powerless. This contrast is intriguing yet sad. The world building has been very well done. The book is set in 2060 and the world we recognize has been changed a bit, with the power some countries have now very different in the future.

Some revelations I did not see coming and were surprising. The ending was not what I expected and many loose ends are still there, leading in to the next book. It’s sitting on my desk and I can’t wait to start it. This series has everything; urban fantasy, paranormal romance, a little sci fi, with a splash of mystery. It’s very well written, has great action scenes, and romantic tension between characters. The sensual scenes never get too graphic, so it’s ok for teens to read, though the book is aimed at adults.

The cover of this book is fabulous! If you’re like me and judge books by the cover, you’ll definitely pick this up. The art is by (Nekro) and Orbit has a page where you can download the images for wallpaper.

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