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Bite Me Bite Me
by Christopher Moore

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Bite Me is Christopher Moore’s twelfth novel and his third about Jody and Tommy: the love struck vampires of San Francisco. Fittingly, because all great fantasy stories are told in trilogies (so an Oxford don discovered) the tale of Jody and Tommy ends with this book – but what a dramatic ending.

Bite Me continues the story begun in Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck, bringing back not only Jody and Tommy ("living" as bronze statues) but also the Animals (a night packing crew at a Safeways supermarket, not a British pop group), detectives Rivera and Cavuto, the Emperor of San Francisco, and Chet the now-vampire cat.

Such is Christopher Moore’s abilities as a writer that death, destruction and the all around savagery of a death cloud of vampire cats is belly laugh funny. That is not to say he is glib and superficial, which he is not, or can’t write poignant and touching (as several small scenes attest he can) but that he sees no need not to see the bizarre and humorous in what most treat as horror.

Each of the books in this trilogy has been primarily told from the viewpoint of a lead narrator: Bloodsucking Fiends was Jody and Tommy, You Suck was the Emperor, and Bite Me was Allison Green aka Abby Normal wannabe vampire and fulltime gothchick – and Mr Moore has her narrative voice pitch perfect.

I enjoyed this book, and must have got a few sideways glances from fellow commuters as I chuckled my way through it, but suggest it may not be the best place to start with Moore (ends of series never are). However, there is sufficient back story provided, generally from Allison/Abby’s diary, to allow the uninitiated to pick up the action so far. All in all this was a fitting ending to a well told story, so maybe it is an appropriate place to start.

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