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Inferno Inferno
by Dan Brown
Bantam Press

Supplied for review by Random House

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital bed in Italy, shot and no memory of how or why it happened. All he can remember is a beautiful woman sitting in a painting depicting Dante’s Gates of Hell, urging him to seek and find something. A spiky haired woman tries to assassinate him and he flees for his life with the assistance of an attractive young doctor.

Sienna Brooks is a doctor, used to saving lives and being in control. She saved a patient’s life and is now being pursued through the streets of Rome by the police, military, mercenaries, and an assassin. The former child actor has a genius IQ and uncertain immigration status that means she does not want to be noticed.

Fast-paced and with plenty of action, the plot is tightly written with intriguing clues dropped throughout that reveal a clever but horrific plan. As pieces began slotting together small pieces of the puzzle began to emerge but certain events remained a mystery and I couldn’t understand them, like the head of the WHO and the man she met. Was she working with him or thwarting him? There were a few shocks as people’s secrets were revealed and all the pieces came together right at the very end to display. I did not guess what was coming before it unfolded and I wondered how I missed it.

Set in the exotic streets of Rome, medieval Italian literature and artworks are explored, as Dante’s Inferno is key to the plan. History and art buffs will either enjoy this story or pick holes in the authenticity of the story. Fans of a cleverly written thriller will be delighted with this book. I thought the plan was grotesque and so wrong, but worryingly I can see the sensible side of it.

Read this latest masterpiece from Dan Brown. It’s a gripping read.

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