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The Shining Girls The Shining Girls
by Lauren Beukes

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth


Not strictly sf/f but a time-travelling serial killer is close enough!

Kirby Mazrachi was gutted and left for dead, her dog died defending her; now she wants to find the others. The other victims of the man who did this to her. She enlists the help of Dan Velasquez a former homicide reporter now covering the sports beat. Divorced and twice her age, he’s cynical and word weary but growing convinced of Kirby’s crazy theories. The killer they’re tracking is Harper Curtis, who has a list of names on the wall and a House with a chilling secret.

A time-travelling serial killer. This is a great concept I haven’t read before. I wonder if it is based on actual events, it would explain why so many murderers are never caught. Kirby is such a strong heroine, a survivor who doesn’t give up. Dan contrasts with her well, someone who gave up but is willing to try once more. The characters are lifelike and you get a view of what they are like through the glimpses of their lives before they encounter Harper for the last time.

The plot is carefully thought out and there’s a lot going on. The story jumps around to different time periods and POVs of various characters in short chapters. This is a story that’s chillingly addictive and fans of thrillers will enjoy it. Lauren Beukes has written two previous books I must track down and she’s been added to my must read list.

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