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Dark Peril Dark Peril
by Christine Feehan

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth
C. A. Hargreaves

Dominic is of the Dragonseeker line and has drunk the vampire blood that is infested with parasites, in order to infiltrate the enemy camp and learn its plans. He has very little time once the parasites go to work and this will be a one-way mission. He plans to go in fast, relay the information to the Carpathian leader living in the area and go out fighting. Dominic is looking forward to ending his life in an honourable way, and then he meets her. His life mate.

Solange Sangria is the only pure-blood female left of the jaguar people. The jaguar people are a dying species, with only brutal males left now. They kidnap and brutalise women able to shift, in the hopes of breeding more jaguar people. Solange fights to stop them, discovering their secret compound in the jungle. They have made a deal with the vampires to compile a database of women with magical talents. The jaguar men can find new breeders, the vampires can destroy Carpathians.....

Xavier has been vanquished but his evil survives. The vampires are still committed to wiping out the Carpathians. Her cousins being married to Carpathians, Solange knows their struggles and after meeting Dominic in the jungle, decides to fight with him in the final stand.....

The 18th book in the Carpathian saga is another exciting read from Christine Feehan. There is action, adventure, good guys winning, a bit of romance but this is secondary to the story. I’m still hunting down the first 16 to read – this series is great!

A short Carpathian vocab list is in the back, along with healing chants and short history of the Carpatian people. Very detailed and interesting.

-Jan Butterworth

Dominic of the Dragonseeker linage takes drastic measures to infiltrate the enemy camp – he ingests vampire blood with parasites. His plan is to get in fast, get the information he finds to the leader of the Carpathians living in the area, and go out fighting. He doesn’t factor into his plans that he would meet his life mate. A complication that he never saw coming.

Why do I like Dark Peril? Because it is well written, keeps you interested from start to finish and you get to see that even though you are traumatised, there is still a chance that you can find peace within yourself and the ability to trust again.

You get to see two strong fierce warriors find a softness for each other as they learn to trust in each other and to find hope in their lives.

-C. A. Hargreaves

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