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Earthbound Earthbound
by Aprilynne Pike

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Tavia is the only survivor of a plane crash that killed 256 people, including her parents. She is taken in by her step-aunt and uncle and shuns most contact to avoid publicity. While doing some work at the library for her online school classes she meets Benson, a library assistant who helps with her schooling. Tavia has a crush on him and eventually tells him the truth about her.

She starts seeing a strange boy dressed in old-fashioned clothes, strange symbols, and people disappearing and wonders if she’s going crazy. Tavia soon suspects she is being lied to and her relatives know more about what’s happening than they’re letting on. She is beginning to doubt the plane crash was an accident and knows that secrets are being kept from her.

This was the first Aprilynne Pike book I read and I thought I had the premise figured out but it turned out to be a concept I haven’t seen used before. Slow to start, I enjoyed it after midway, when the teen angst bits lessened a bit, and there are plenty of twist and turns and people not being who they appear to be. Tavia is a strong character but just a little too trusting. I mean, going to a strange town because someone she didn’t know told her she’d be safe there? A fun read for teens and I look to the sequel.

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