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Growing Disenchantments Growing Disenchantments
by K. D. Berry

Supplied for review by Bluewood Publishing

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Growing Disenchantments is the second novel by the writing couple Kevin and Diane Berry and revisits the country of their first novel Dragons Away. If I was looking for a genre classification to place Growing Disenchantments I would say that it is a comedic action thriller, with maybe a nod to the Ealing Studios films of the 1950s.

Growing Disenchantments sees the return of the illusionist Drewdop, his imp familiar Velasco, King Credos of the Central Realm and his head of security Lautrec. But here the similarities with Dragons Away end. Where Dragons Away was a collection of slapstick and puns in the vein of Craig Shaw Gardner Growing Disenchantments is a story that allows its characters and jokes the time to develop as well aged cheeses (it’s humour, a comparison to wine wouldn’t be right).

The more I read of Growing Disenchantments the more I liked it. The time travelling chronic detective, who needs to find clothes as soon as he arrives as those don’t travel back with him, and the animated stone gargoyles who want to experience the world they have seen from the eaves of the palace were cleverly done and added depth to the story.

Growing Disenchantments is a surprise of a book and one that deserves a wide audience. Get your copy today.

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