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Silvertongued Devil Silver Tongued Devil:
Sabina Kane Book 4
by Jaye Wells

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Sabina’s evil grandmother is dead. Maisie has been rescued. The dark races are in talks to negotiate a peace treaty. Then people are being murdered in the dark races community. Maisie is travelling down a self destructive path. And Cain is back.

Tasked with solving the murders, Sabina and the gang start a murder investigation with a new face from LA - "Alexis looked like something out of vampire discipline porn". As she tries to solve the murders that threaten the peace talks, Sabina discovers the plot goes deeper than she realizes and things she knows are not as they seem.

This book is slower in action than previous books but still moved along quickly with never a dull moment. It is face paced and attention grabbing with an unexpected ending.. There is lots of drama involving the characters (of course Giguhl is there!) and Sabina and Adam are getting along well until.....

As heart breaking as some of the events were, things are set up well for the 5th (and sadly last) book in this series. Silver Tongued Devil is another fantastic book in the must read Sabina Kane urban fantasy series – action packed books with humour, conflict, a bit of romance, and a kick-butt heroine. I look forward to it. This series needs to be read in order so you get everything.

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