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White Cloud Worlds White Cloud Worlds
Edited by Paul Tobin

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

White Cloud Worlds edited by Paul Tobin, is a portfolio art book showcasing the artistic talents of some of the team of artists working at that great New Zealand cinematic effects company Weta Workshop. Weta employs artists, which it uses to create designs and imagery for the movies Weta helps bring to fruition.

White Cloud Worlds showcases the art those artists produce in their own time – and the book is well worth viewing. As befits the varied backgrounds and upbringings of these artists there is no unifying or collective theme to the book. From artist to artist the images, artist medium and themes are as individual as the artist themselves.

White Cloud Worlds presents twenty seven artists and their choices of their artwork. This artwork is both fantastical and fantastic; sculpture and painting; finished in the here and now or the rendered in the ethersphere. All are beautiful works.

White Cloud Worlds is a book that will appeal to the aesthete and the fanboy alike. Indulge yourself with an early Christmas present (who cares what year you buy for) and buy this book; your bookshelves will never look so good.

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