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Fair Game Fair Game
by Patricia Briggs

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Katie Boyle

Patricia Briggs is an excellent writer, and I have yet to pick up one of her books that I didn’t read compulsively. She creates sympathetic characters and her worlds are vivid and engaging.

That said, Fair Game is not her best book. This is the third book in her Alpha and Omega series. Her main characters are afflicted with the weakness common to characters of all series: they have made great adjustments in their lives, and things have become ho-hum. This requires herculean effort on the part of the imaginative author to overcome. In an effort to do this Briggs has the heroine going around trying to convince people that what her husband is being required to do is destroying him. However, she falls into the trap of telling rather than showing, and I found it annoying—overdrawn and overdramatised. By the end of the book, however, she has overcome this, and it is all in all a satisfactory read.

If you’re already a fan, get this book—it’s enjoyable. If you haven’t read any of Briggs’ work, don’t start with this one.

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