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Dark Slayer Dark Slayer
by Christeen Feehan

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

There’s a legend in the stories of vampires – a dark slayer who commands a wolf pack and is relentless as she destroys any vampire who crosses her path.

Ivory Malinov strikes terror into the hearts of the undead – her only purpose in life to destroy them. Her body is horribly scared from when she was sliced to ribbons in a vampire attack. It took centuries for her body to knit together again in the soil, now she lives to kill vampires. Then one night she saves a man’s life. Her life mate.

Razvan is a Dragonseeker, one of the greatest Carpathian families. He was born into captivity. Possessed by Xavier, his evil captor, he did many terrible things and is now despised by his people. He escapes from imprisonment and tries to end his existence by finding the sun. Instead Ivory finds him.

She heals him in her lair, before they set out to find and destroy Xavier. They come across the Carpathian prince and his followers, who have the same mission – to destroy Xavier. They form an uneasy alliance and set to work.....

This book has many new twists, soil being healing, vampires travelling through dirt and having parasites in their blood, mutated parasites in the soil..., a ‘new’ world,, not the same old same old stuff. The 17th book in the Carpathian saga, this is the first one I’ve read. I really liked it and am looking for the previous ones; I’ve definitely missed out as this series is great!

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