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Goddess Of Troy Goddess Of Troy
by P. C. Cast

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Katie Boyle

What really happened in the Trojan War? We know about it only through Homer, of course, so it might be just barely possible that maybe he made a few small mistakes in his description of events.

P.C. Cast starts this particular book on that assumption, and comes in at the end of the war. What finished it after it had dragged on for so many years? Cast, tongue in cheek, decides that Hera, Athena and Venus have gotten fed up with the war, and they turn to a modern (21st-century) woman and her friend to end it.

The book has many weaknesses. The heroines are thrown back in time, into bodies not their own, and immediately adapt. (Yeah right.) My understanding of military history suggests that Cast has gotten some military detail wrong. The characters are a bit shallow and predictable. Cast uses Roman names for the gods by preference, and when the Greeks use their Greek names they are asked to use Roman names instead. (I note here that Troy fell before the advent of Rome.)

In spite of its weaknesses, though, the book is a fast, enjoyable read. The ending is unexpectedly happy, at least for most characters. The writing is competent and engaging.

Cast has written a series of books focussing on goddesses, and I have read one other. They are linked by their milieu, but each stands on its own. The two books had quite a different feel to them, though both would appeal largely to the chick lit/romance audience. I will definitely read other books in the series as I get the chance.

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