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Joining SFFANZ

SFFANZ is an association of people who wish to improve fandom in New Zealand.

At this point in time, membership of SFFANZ will get you periodic emails or postal information about science fiction and fantasy in New Zealand.

You are also entitled to vote for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards each year, even if you are not a member of the National Science Fiction convention.

Joining fee

At present, the joining fee is $10 per period. A term of membership extends from the start of one national convention, to the start of the next one. One term will always encompass one National Convention or AGM. For full details, see the Documents section.

To join,  download this Joining Form (PDF file 162kB) print it out and send it back to us with your fee. Fees may be paid by cheque or by electronic banking. If you wish to pay by electronic banking, fill out the form, tick the appropriate box, return the completed form to us and email us for electronic banking details. The email address to use is shown on the form. 

If you cannot print the form for some reason, send an email to with your name and address, and we will post a membership form to you. However we would prefer not to have to do this (postage costs soon mount up!) so please do try printing the form yourself before contacting us.

For legal reasons, we must have your signature on your application and so we cannot accept membership applications on anything other than the printed form.

Future Benefits

We expect to be able to add more benefits to joining in the future.

SFFANZ is a non-profit organisation and registered charity
designed to bring together fans of the fantastic in New Zealand

Contact us by email at: