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If you wish to take part in these discussions, Norman has set up a discussion list so that you can send comments to all the people on the list. You can also send comments directly to Norman. Periodically, Norman will compile the discussions, and place appropriate documents here on this website. Members of the discussion list will then be notified of the updates.

People who have indicated that they wish to take part in these discussions have been added to the discussion list. The address for the discussion list is Any mails sent  this list will be distributed to all the other members of the list.

If you wish to join the discussion list, then email here. Unsubscribe instructions are included at the bottom of each email. In the past, the volume of email was high. The record was 124 in one day... However the volume is much lower now. Norman will also be changing the discussion document (labelled NationalBody-vX.rtf) in line with the ongoing discussions, and he will email everyone when there is a new version. You can choose to read all the emails, or simply look at what the results of the discussions are each week. You can also simply keep an eye on this website, since that's where all the changes are posted.

If you just wish to be kept informed when there is a change to the documents, or a vote is being called for, you can subscribe to the announce list. This will typically get 5 or 6 emails a week.

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