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Wrath Of A Mad God Wrath Of A Mad God
by Raymond Feist
Harper Voyager

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Katie Boyle

This is the third book in the Darkwar trilogy. Like the others, it focuses heavily on the theme of divinity: it posits that humans give shape to their gods, and that good and evil cannot exist without each other (a common position). Unfortunately, in this book the focus on the theme comes at the expense of the action, and there is much more exposition than dialogue and description.

Feist’s characters have grown so far beyond the merely human that it is difficult to empathise with them. Pug and his family, who are at the centre of much of the story, are extremely strong magicians, and that is the focus of most of what happens. They have a few family interactions with each other, but mostly those seem like wooden actions of cardboard characters. The charming younger characters introduced in earlier books in this trilogy are largely neglected.

If you’re reading this particular edition of the book, be prepared to be frustrated. The book is littered with proofreading errors, missing or extra words, and sentences that start out saying one thing and skip to something else.



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