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Hidden Hidden:
House Of Night Book 10
by P. C. and Kristen Cast

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Zoey and her circle are at the Redbird farm to recreate events magically, in order to find out how her mother died. After the ritual, during which Dragon is killed, they see the truth of how her mother was killed. Thantos, the High Priestess, is with them and finally sees Nerferat did it as she serves the Darkness now. She lets the Vampyr High Council know the truth, so they can remove her from power.

Nerferat has sacrificed Dragons cat, Shadowfax, for a spell to break Zoey’s circle. Setting the school’s barn on fire as a distraction, she makes her escape. Luckily none of the horses are harmed, and the Horse Mistress recognises the new stable hand as her reincarnated true love and saves his life. As Nerferat’s evil plans grow, the embers of House of Night must work together to d3efeat the Darkness, even trusting former enemies like Kalona.

I keep reading this series as I really like the concept of a vampire school and the interesting mythology and hope the stories will get better. The books don’t hold my interest though, the characters don’t seem to grow and there are so many pop culture references it’s painful. A character describing an event as humungous? And when something bad happens the first response is to argue about whose fault it is. You want to tell them to grow up.

Teens that are fans of this series should like this book but if you’re not a fan don’t bother reading it.

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