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Magic In The Blood Magic In The Blood
by Devon Monk
Harper Voyager

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Magic in the Blood is the second book, and second in a series, by new author Devon Monk.

Magic in the Blood truly was a parson’s egg of a book: the setting of Portland, Oregon in late autumn was refreshing in its novelty; the rules around magic use and the cost associated with the use of magic were original; and the requirement that magic users needed to use magic to see spells in use was explored in a way that I hadn’t come across in a long, long time. To balance these innovations: I had no sympathy or empathy for the main character, who had a startling inability to learn from experience and was so self-centred it was a wonder she had friends; the world setting of magic, its use and replenishment had to be guessed at, indeed all this may have been explained in the first book, but for anyone who never read that the world was all new and moved in mysterious ways; and the author’s occasionally leaden style, such as referring to a café as Get Mugged (its name, but ten times in two pages!) reeked of a bad pun waiting to get out.

So if you enjoy fast-paced, urban fantasy and don’t much care about the characters then Magic in the Blood is a book for you – but not for me.

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