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The Ravens Shadow The Raven's Shadow:
The Wild Hunt #3
by Elspeth Cooper

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Trinity Rising ended with Gair rescuing the nuns from Gimrael and he now escorts them to safety and continues his quest to find the starseed before Savin, who will use it to rip the Veil, releasing the Wild Hunt. Gair finds the Warlord of the Emperor to warn him of the threat of the Wild Hunt. At the same time Masen and Sorchal are finding and repairing the tears in the Veil.

Failing to convince the Ten the threat of the Wild Hunt is relevant to them, Tanith has left her people to warn the Empire. Accompanied by her former lover Ailric, who views humans with contempt, she reaches the Warlord of the Emperor to raise the alarm.

Drwyn, manipulated by Ytha, has united the Nimrothi clans to invade the Empire and regain the lands. Ytha plans to use the Wild Hunt against the Empire and has received the gift of two of Maegern’s Wild Hounds.

Teia is leading her group of Nimrothi outcasts – the Lost Ones – through the snow to warn the Empire of the need for the Iron Men to fight the Wild Hunt being led by Ytha and the clans, as they are the only ones who can defeat it.

With two of Maegern’s hounds already free, Savin playing his evil games, and the Veil tearing, the danger is immense. With Gair’s immense power corrupted by Savin, they must unite to defeat the threat to the world.

This is fast paced with a tightly wound plot and plenty of action. The threads intricately weave together tightly as events unfold, requiring a bit of concentration to remember the separate storylines. The characters are well developed and you feel you know them. The ending is a real cliff-hanger and I was disappointed it stopped there but pleased I had another book to look forward to. For epic fantasy fans this is a must read and I strongly recommend you read the preceding books in the series to get the back-story.

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