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The Hunt For Pierre Jnr The Hunt For Pierre Jnr
by David M. Henley

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Peter Lazarus is a psi, a telepath who can read minds. Strictly regulated by the government, psis are controlled by botlocks that broadcast their thoughts. Some lucky psi manage to escape this control and hide to enjoy their freedom, the way Peter did. He gave freedom up when he announced who he was to the military and volunteered to join the hunt for Pierre Jnr, who had enslaved his sister.

Pierre Jnr is an 8 yr old boy who can make the people around him do whatever he wants. The two most powerful psi made him ten three months after he was born he escaped ad was lost to surveillance. Pierre Jnr has become a legendary cult hero to the psi, the one who can unite them and regain their freedom. Peter has seen what happens to those whose minds he controls though and is determined to stop him. The government recruits a crack team to assist him and they start hunting.

I thought this was a thriller about a hunt for a terrorist. While fast paced and thrilling, it is set in the future after a devastating war so more sci fi than I enjoy. The details of the society and technology available are outlined thoroughly and the plot is very clever with room for more events to come, though this story is finished. The epilogue makes how things started clear but it is chilling. Someone who can control others to do his bidding – really scary idea. One sci fi fans must read.

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