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War Of The Dwarves War Of The Dwarves
by Markus Heitz

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

The War of the Dwarves is an immediate sequel to Dwarves by Markus Heitz. With that sequel status in mind Herr Heitz (these books are most ably translated from the German by Sally-Ann Spencer) dives straight into the action.

Where the first novel started out as a Lord of the Rings-light story before finding its own metier, the sequel is only concerned with what went before in the unfolding story of the dwarves and their longstanding struggles and internecine feuds. Tungdil and the twins BoÔndil and BoŽndal are back and are asked to carry the weight of defending Girdlegard on their shoulders once more.

Whereas I found Dwarves a story that I took a while enjoy, I was immediately drawn into The War of the Dwarves. In part this was due to familiarity with the characters, but it was also reflective of the author not needing to set the scene or introduce all the characters afresh. However, do not take these comments as meaning that The War of the Dwarves requires you to read Dwarves first; it does not. The War of the Dwarves is a standalone story, and while knowledge of Dwarves helps this knowledge is in no way essential.

This was a story in the tradition of high fantasy, but it never forgets the day-to-day hopes and aspirations of its central characters and that is what makes it so much better than most books in that tradition. Herr Heitz is to be congratulated on producing such a grand sequel. I hope you read it and get the enjoyment I did.

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