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Walking The Witch Waking The Witch
by Kelley Armstrong

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

After five years of learning the ropes at her foster parents' private investigators firm, Savannah is finally left in charge when they go on a holiday. The firm deal with matters for the supernatural community and, when given the chance to investigate a murder case that may involve ritual sacrifice, Savannah jumps at the opportunity.

Other people are also investigating the murders – Kayla, the 10 yr old daughter of the first victim and Michael, the police officer brother of the second. Sharing information over dinner with Michael, Savannah learns his sister was in town undercover to investigate a local cult. The married boyfriend of Kayla’s mother is a strong candidate for the murders, as is the local cult leader. Savannah’s not convinced though, as there are supernatural elements to the murders and the suspects are human.

The daughter of notorious parents, a powerful dark witch and a cutthroat sorcerer, Savannah is a powerful witch who doesn’t scare easily. After Michael falls to his death she gets worried enough to call in some backup from Jesse, the telekinetic half demon who gave her the case. With Jesse guarding her back, Savannah can breathe easier as she works to solve the case, while avoiding the witch-hunter stalking her...

This is the 11th book in the Otherworld series and is tightly plotted with interesting twists and turns. Human depravities collide with supernatural evilness in this struggle for the truth, and old enemies return. More background is given on witch-hunters, suggesting they will play a part in the next book. I really enjoyed this book; it kept me guessing and is another exciting read from Kelley Armstrong. I did not see the ending coming and eagerly await the next book to see Savannah’s next move.

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