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Second Grave On The Left Second Grave On The Left:
Charley Davidson Book 2
by Darynda Jones

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

The second in the Charley Davidson series, this book carries on with the fantastic blending of chicklit, mystery, and urban fantasy. With fast paced action, a hot love interest, and witty humour, this series is a must read! The ending of the book is perfect, setting the scene for the third book and leaving me wanting more.......

Continuing a week after First Grave finished, Charley is dragged out of bed at 2am to meet with Cookie’s missing friend, Mimi. When Mimi doesn’t show, they start investigating and find a group of people that knew each other in high school twenty years ago are turning up missing or dead. As well as that case, Charley’s retired police detective dad is receiving threats from a recently released prisoner, and Cookie has a dead guy in the boot (trunk) of her car.

Reyes, the sexy son of Satan, appears covered in blood and badly wounded. Demons who have escaped hell are holding his corporeal body captive and torturing it, hoping to lure Charley out so they can capture her and the portal to heaven. Charley is determined to find and save him, though Reyes warns her it’s a trap. Reyes doesn’t want to be saved though, he’d rather die than let them have Charley, so has hidden his body from her.

The original characters are back, with a few intriguing additions. One is Amador Sanchez, Reyes’ school-friend and cellmate. They used Reyes’ fan clubs* to build a nest egg and play the stock market to create a good life for Amador and his wife Bianca. They are the only people who know all about ‘Dutch’. Officer Owen Vaughn also shows up. He hates Charley and in high school tried to run her down with an SUV. Why???

*after reading the book visit one of the fan clubs devoted to Reyes Alexander Farrow.

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