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Otherworld Tales Of The Otherworld
by Kelley Armstrong

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

This book is a collection of short stories that Kelley Armstrong has written that feature established characters in the Otherworld series. The stories are ones she has written to give her fans background to events that take place before certain Otherworld books were written, and are available on her website. The stories have been tidied up and proceeds from the book go to the World Literacy of Canada charity.

Included in the stories is the tale of how Clay and Elena met and what led up to him biting her. As the Otherworld series follows what happens after he bites her, it was interesting to see what happened before and how. Also explained was how Kristof and Eve met and parted, which I had always wondered.

This book can be read alone, but as all the stories but one are background to the Otherworld series, readers may get confused and bored. This is a must read for Kelley Armstrong fans though.

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