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Nightshade Nightshade
by Andrea Cremer
Atom Books

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Tosca Waerea

Calla Tor’s life path, as future female alpha of her wolf-shifting pack, has already been decided – she will go to school, graduate and then marry Ren Laroche at 18. She hasn’t ever questioned her destiny. And then, one day, Calla breaks the rules and rescues a human boy…and falls in love with him.

It seems like this book could be all about the love triangle and nothing but the love triangle and, in some parts, sure it is. It may also seem like the book is more like Meyer’s Twilight series than I’d be comfortable with but surprisingly that wasn’t the case. The characters are interesting, the world building is solid and it’s a really good plot.

I’m all about the pretty and, as a result, tend to judge books by their covers and Cremer’s cover choice for Nightshade is startlingly eye catching. She’s also extremely clever in that the ending is a real cliffhanger! I now find myself waiting impatiently for the sequel. Please note that Nightshade is a teen novel that would probably, considering its slightly mature themes, be more appropriate for older teens.

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