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The Terminal State The Terminal State
by Jeff Somers

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jacqui Smith

I have to say that I found the fourth Avery Cates novel a much more straightforward read than its predecessor. For one thing, there is only one Avery, even if he has voices in his head and nanobots in his blood. You see, at the start of this book, Avery gets pressed into the Army, is pumped full of military augments, and then promptly sold on to his old pal and enemy, Wa Belling. Who, naturally, has a small job for him. Avery has to get into Hong Kong, just incidentally one of the hottest war-zones on the planet, and kill a man who has turned himself into a god. There is no lack of the usual R18 violence and action on the way, at a breakneck pace – though I have to say that I found the ending a tad anti-climatic. Which was probably intentional…
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