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Bad Moon Rising Bad Moon Rising
by Sherilyn Kenyon

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

To escape their Apollite mother’s fate, an ancient king spliced the genes of his four sons to those of wolves, bears, tigers, leopards, dragons, and other strong animals. He created a new species, two with animal hearts and animal base forms, and two with human hearts and human base forms. From their mother’s Apollite race they inherited magick and psychic abilities. From their father’s tampering they would live by day as their base form and at night switch to their alternate form. The gods were furious and cursed the animal Katagaria and human Arcadians never to be at peace with each other.

This is the 14th Dark Hunter novel and Fang and Aimee’s story, starting before his brother Vane’s story, which was the 5th book of the series. Sounds confusing but fans of the series will enjoy the new perspective of events that are told from Fang’s viewpoint. An excellent read for Dark Hunter fans but you should read the series before embarking on it.

Everyone believes Fang, a Katagaria wolf, retreats inside his mind after his sister dies and he and his brother are left to die by their pack, strung up for Daimons to finish them off. He’s actually trapped inside a demon dimension as the Daimon have stolen too much of his soul for him to return. It’s up to Aimee to find each Daimon who have a bit of his soul and kill them to release it.

Aimee Peltier is part of the family of Katagaria bears that own Sanctuary, a bar where Arcadians and Katagaria can mix freely without violence. Aimee is hiding the fact that she is Arcadian from her family. As wolves and bears don’t mix, she also has to hide her attraction to Fang......

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